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Apache Forest Products provides many different kinds of tropical hardwoods including Green Heart wood timbers and piling, Purple Heart wood timbers, Wallaba wood poles and IPE decking products. Each exotic hardwood has characteristics that make it preferable for specific uses. The unique color and grain of each tropical hardwood has its own appeal.

Green Heart Wood

Green Heart wood has been used in many projects such as fender systems, lock gates, framing, decking and pilings. Green Heart wood is a tropical hardwood that is known for its strength and durability. It is highly resistant to decay, termites, fire, and marine organisms. Green Heart requires no treatment and it's three to four times stronger than pine or fir. Apache Forest Products can supply Green heart for your desired project. Most Green Heart wood is all substructure meaning square timbers (10’’ thick to 16” thick) or piling for marinas usually 12” diameter - 20” diameter.

Purple Heart Wood

Purple Heart wood is used to make parquet and traditional flooring and is also used for marine & bridge building. Purple heart is a bright, striking purple when freshly cut, darkening into a deeper purple with age. Purple Heart has high bending and crushing strength. Purple Heart is used throughout the eastern United States for commercial uses.

IPE Wood

IPE wood is a great wood to use for Decks. It is far superior overall to all other natural and synthetic decking materials. IPE wood resists mold and mildew, rot and decay due to its high density and natural oils. IPE wood is a high end material that will turn to a silver grey in color with time.

Wallaba Wood

Wallaba is well suited for heavy construction, railroad crossties, poles, commercial flooring, and tank staves. The heartwood ranges from light to dark red to reddish or purplish brown with characteristically dark, gummy streaks. The texture is rather coarse and the grain typically straight. Wallaba is a hard, heavy wood. Although the wood has high density, it is easy to work with hand and machine tools. The heartwood is very durable and resistant to subterranean termites and fairly resistant to dry-wood termites. 8” diameter - 12” diameter is the size for smaller docks and residential seawalls.

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