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Church Construction

Brushy Creek Baptist Church

Apache Forest Products provided heavy timber truss finishing for and fabricated to the customers specifications. All Douglas fir timbers and hidden Stainless Steel fasteners.

Heavy Timber Trusses
Douglas Fir Timbers
Fabricated Timber Trusses

New Horizons United Methodist Church, Florida 

Apache Forest Products provided, fabricated and installed the glued Laminated beams and tongue & groove roof system for the New Horizons United Methodist Church. All of the material is Southern Yellow Pine and pre-stained to the requested color. The roof system came together at a steel compression ring at the apex.  There was exposed steel throughout the the roof, and massive steel plates within the Glue Laminated arches.  It took Apache 6 weeks to complete the shop drawings, 8 weeks for fabrication, one week  to erect the superstructure and 3 weeks to complete the roof decking.

Heavy Timber Church Construction
Engineered Specialty Timber
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