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Custom Glulam Production

Apache Forest Products' Glued laminated timber, or glulam, is a highly innovative and versatile construction material engineered for a host of residential and commercial construction applications. Increased design values and improved product performance make Glulam a cost effective material. Glulam is a great choice for projects from simple beams and headers in residential construction to soaring glulam arches for domed stadium roofs spanning more than 500 feet. Glulam is composed of individual wood laminations, or “lams”, specifically selected and positioned in the timber, based on their performance characteristics, and bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives. Glulam is available in depths from 6 to 72 inches or greater and in lengths up to 100 feet and longer.

Glulam Timber has greater strength and stiffness than comparable wood lumber and, pound for pound, is stronger than steel. Common uses include architectural beams, floor beams, headers, complex arches, commercial roof systems, bridges and utility poles. By combining engineered strength with the warmth and beauty of wood, Glulam Timber Construction offers designers a multitude of options for large, open spaces with a minimum number of columns.

The strength and durability of glulam beams make them an ideal choice for large, open designs where long spans are required. Glulam beams can also be manufactured in virtually any size or shape. In fact, Glulam is the only engineered wood product that can be produced in curved shapes.

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