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Cork Ireland Wind Farm

Pictured below a truck with wood piling for Ireland Power Company - 55’- 75’ in length. Material was being shipped to Ireland from Port of Baltimore. They had to be a special sized butt and tip which we made to fit customers specifications. (Ireland)


Ireland Power Company ordered 100 Oversized Douglas Fir Pilings (55'- 75' in length, and 16"-22"in diameter) from Apache Forest Products for their Cork Ireland Wind Farm Pole Structure. The Ireland Power Company provided their specifications for the structure and Apache suggested supplying Douglas Fir for the special sizes needed.


After several trips back and forth to our mill, the strength properties along with the special size requirements met their needs. Douglas fir is not only strong, but it's a very uniform species. It's stability and beautiful color, gives it a long lasting appearance for such a structure. This application could only be done with Douglas fir in the sizes & time frame that our customer needed.


After the poles were custom cut to size, kiln dried, then treated. They were loaded on trucks to the Port of Baltimore and then Shipped to Ireland an then delivered directly to the job site.

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