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These Glulams were 60” wide and 44’ long. They were treated with CCA and shipped to out customer.


The superior strength of Apache’s Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine glulam beams allow longer spans than solid lumber. When designing a commercial building, custom Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine Glulam beams can span more than 100 feet. In domed structures, glulam Douglas Fir arches can span more than 500 feet. Our Southern Yellow Pine Glulam trusses can take on many shapes, including simple pitched trusses, complicated scissors configurations and long span bowstring trusses with curved upper chords. When designed as space frames, glulam truss systems can create great clear spans for auditoriums, gymnasiums, churches, and other applications requiring large, open-floor areas. In large, commercial buildings, such as warehouses and large retail facilities, glulam beams are an integral component of panelized wood roof systems. It is possible to manufacture a glulam beam with higher strength laminates in areas of high stress such as in the top or bottom of beams, and lower strength laminates in the areas of low stress.


Apache Forest Products can supply small orders or very large complex jobs that accommodate the needs of the customer. We customize Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine Glulam Beams in lengths up to 40 feet. We also offer custom timber planning for both products produced from our sawmill and timbers brought in by customers. Planning produces a smooth, high quality finish, which is in contrast to the natural, rough sawn texture or a hand hewn texture.

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